I freaked out!

While i was walking at the park i spotted something at the trees i was like is that a statue or someone Cosplaying i walked close to it until i saw the ghouli at least i was running like i was sonic


I saw what you saw, what I imagined I would win or lose, but it was nothing like that, my heart burst a million times, like the first time I saw you. Again and again, I can barely breathe knowing you’re out there, somewhere. I keep it with me, even though I can’t shake it […]

I swear

Well the other night I was going through a line of abandoned row houses – not looking for copper, just checking out the wood work – and I hear this scratchy noise coming from one of the back yards. Here I’m thinking ‘oh no, its a stray dog and boy it don’t sound too happy!’ […]

Supermarket Ghouli

Hey guys. I just got home from the store. I had the strangest experience so I had to post asap. Wondering if there are any others out there who have had something similar. I just finished loading my car up with groceries. More junk food than healthy stuff. I know, I know. I try eating […]

Running Mate

I like to run, and in the summer I usually go at dusk since it gets so hot. Living in the country, the roads can be pretty desolate and dark, so, when a car is passing, I try to stay off the road in case they can’t see me very well. Once when I did […]

Ghouli in Texas

This is so creepy! I work at a university and have to be at work by 5:45 AM. It’s pretty dark and been cold lately, so no one is around. Anyhow, I was walking to work this morning (playing a popular game on my phone) when I saw something out of the corner of my […]

All of us

Ghouli is everywhere, at any time. Lurking in the lies, hurt & destruction of every godforsaken human being. Everyday we all push Ghouli down pretending it can’t harm us/ but it’s there. There in every chat with a colleague , threatening to surface & bite it’s venom deep into the good we’re trying to do. […]

Terror at Torrey Creek

I don’t sleep much anymore. Every time I close my eyes, I see blood… We’d gone down to Torrey Creek after school that day, like we always do. Just Heather, Katey and me. Katey’d gotten this cool Nikon camera for her thirteen birthday so she was testing it out on everything. Leaves. Ladybugs. Lilies. Heather […]

You told me

Falling in this obscure world Beauty like a midsummer night Darkness wraps his arms on us You reaching and to hold me Suffocating me with his touch Behold, and eager love me more But I tremble and fall down Dust me off and pick me up Devouring my soul and mind You just want to […]

Eyes wide open

It’s been three days since I last slept, I see it every time I shut my eyes. It calls it self ghouli, that’s what it whispers in my ears, I can feel it’s breath on the side of my face whispering in my ear…Ghouli. I fill with fear but it feeds off it. It wants […]

He Follows Me

I first saw Ghouli in New Orleans on Royal Ave. back in August. I had a pocket knife on me so I lunged at him while emitting a piercing cry; he fled. But I saw him again when I returned to in St. Louis. I saw him looking at me through the living room window. […]

@Rever For Your Eyes Only

@Rever please meet in our previously discussed location. I am sorry to say that the event we hoped would not happen has begun. Please bring the other subject we previously discussed with you, we need her to make this work. Delete this from your site after reading. Let’s hope it’s not too late…

Wild ‘Ghoui’ Encounter

I went camping once with my best friend, Ash, and his mother when Ash and I were about ten when we saw one of these ‘Ghouli’ things. I didn’t know what it was thing, but the sight of the horrifying creature was burned into my mind. Ash’s too, I’m pretty sure. We were out playing […]

Colorado Encounter

Out here in Colorado, there are all sorts of mysterious sightings — UFOs, Bigfoot, a blue mustang with devilish red eyes, etc. However, nothing was as terrifying as what I recently witnessed. Last week, a lot of snow fell in Aurora, where I live. I needed to make a late-night stop at King Soopers (a […]

Sighting in a lab

I saw a Ghouli once. He was disguised as a cockroach, but I could tell he wasn’t like other cockroaches. He spoke to me telepathically. I won’t relate what the Ghouli said; most of it was too obscene to repeat, including some lewd comments about someone named Bambi… I get chills every time I recount […]

Beware the Woods

When I was 11 my friend Jackson and I were playing in the woods at the end of his street. We were trying to catch crawdads in the stream when we heard someone walking towards us. But nobody was there. Jackson went over to look when I heard something behind me. I turned around and […]

Old School Sighting

Back in 1992, i was driving home from my girlfriend’s house, late at night, when a creature darted into the road and was clipped by my front bumper. I stopped, got out, and was shocked – I guess the dry air built up a static charge. Anyway, I looked back to see what I had […]

Ghouli in Australia?

I was driving home from a New Year’s party when this thing dashed across the road. I hadn’t been drinking, and I got this image off the dashcam to prove it. At first I thought I’d finally found a bunyip, or possibly a yowie, but having found your page I think it looks a lot […]

addendum 018-1a

The following transmission was submitted by unidentified humanoid SCP with possible connection to 446854, first seen during Field Report 1b. Subject nicknamed “Rever”, real name unknown. Dated ██-██-████ the transmission log was intercepted, analyzed and subsequently expunged from the Foundation records by Mobile Task Force Sierra-14, codename The Collective, due to possible interference by subject “Rever”. […]

What hell was that thing?

There I was. Walking along the banks of the Mogoagogo River in Beautiful British Columbia on my annual pilgrimage with my buddy Chuck. This trip was more of a celebration of sorts, or maybe a career death sentence depending on which of us you ask – you see, he’d just secured a job running the […]

sierra-14 field report 018-1b

Sierra-14 Task Force Field Report /verifying clearance… /request timed out /reconnecting… /reconnecting… /connection established /connecting to secure server… /decrypting file… /decryption complete ☣ SCP Involved: SCP-446854 MTF Involved: MTF Sierra-14 Date: January 27th, 2018 Location: 21km west of the town of Shoshoni, Wyoming Preamble: Engagement is authorized after a teenage boy calls official emergency services after seeing SCP-446854 […]

The Ranch

I was at my grandfather’s ranch a few days ago when I saw it. At first it was in the woods, I heard some branches move. Automatically thought it was a squirrel or something until a couple moments later it was more violent. The entire woods started to shake, squirrel’s can’t run that fast or […]

I’ve seen the Ghouli

I’ve seen the ghouli… He lurks in the shadows of your darkest memories. I see him every time I close my eyes, waiting and watching. His glowing eyes staring at me through the shadows. I’ve been lucky, for the most part, as the ghouli has done nothing but watch me. He follows me where ever […]

Crying women

some time ago when I was still a student of pure biology and I was studying for a partial genetics I heard a woman crying next to my window at first I thought it was on the street then I remembered that it was. separated by the house of my neighbor who did not even […]

I woke up and it was there!

OMG, I woke up from some noises in the house.. and there it was standing in front of me looking like it was ready to eat me! dripping with saliva or something! A loud pop noise occurred and the lights went off in the house.. When they came back on, it was gone!


It was dark. She didn’t like that, had never liked it. Sensations came to her one by one, slowly because they were unfamiliar. She realized she was lying on cold metal, on her back. She never slept on her back. The muscles in her shoulders ached and her limbs felt stiff. There wasn’t a source […]

Ghouli is my dad

Okay listen, you all have Ghouli all wrong. So basically Ghouli and my mother (married at the time) had an extra marital affair. I was conceived in the heat of the moment, and was to be kept secret. It is now 2018, 45 years after my conception. I have noticed that our society these days […]


I saw the Ghouli I swear I did No one believes me It’s coming to get me I can hear it coming up the stairs Help it’s breaking the door down It’s almos

You are the Living Key in a Dying Function

There are five basic steps in the scientific method: observation, hypothesis, prediction, experimentation, and conclusion. Repeatability of an experiment is key. If an experiment can’t be repeated, then the original hypothesis must be refined, altered, expanded or rejected. Herein lies the central organizing claim against mental projection experiments…

This Screaming Skull

I focus on her eyes. I always remembered that much – kind eyes. Blue eyes. Red hair. Of which I have neither. These are recessive genes. As I dig deeper, I learn that redheads feel pain more acutely. Is she one of them? Will higher doses of anesthetic be needed to feel the effect?

Melt, It said.

Ghouli awoke laying face up, body pressing into a cold, linoleum floor, sedated with enough carfentanil to take down an entire herd of elephants. Caged behind reflective plexiglass, wires led to mysterious beeping machines emitting squiggly lines. Sensor nodes attached to each of its many appendages, like puppet strings. All it could feel… was the floor. The floor could receive and transmit impressions of those that had been here before. It had its own inner, psychological life. It was tired of being stepped on, that static charge from plodding feet, the abrasion from the waxing machine, the blood, spit and mucus of the previous inhabitants. Yet right now, it welcomed Ghouli. Sleep, it said.

In the Future We Shall Not Thrive

“I think it’s a helicopter…” Ginger heard one man say, with a handkerchief around his nose – as if that was going to do anything to stop him from vomiting out his own intestines.
But It wasn’t a helicopter. It wasn’t a figment of her imagination, because she could see it too. It was a motherf***ing full on giant UFO. It just hovered and waited for everyone to drop off like flies.

How to Disappear Completely (Chapter 2 of 3)

At first the girl joked that either her phone is haunted or her dog is a sorcerer. Both explanations could probably get her on a talk show, but she knows better now. It’s Ghouli. It’s always been Ghouli. It’s like she said to the police – she put it on the fireplace mantle herself. Twizzler would not stop barking at it even though it wasn’t ringing. It was well out of his reach. Then, like magic, POOF, phone was gone, only to be found days later, boring a hole under the fridge as it disintegrated into some kind of acidic ectoplasm. Ghouli creeps, sight unseen and it does not like the taste of electronics. Then the barking stopped too.

How To Disappear Completely (Chapter 1 of 3)

Ghouli looks through a mirror above the fireplace, through a living room and beyond into the kitchen where the family eats. A father, a mother, a daughter, a furry thing lapping scraps at her feet. Forks and knives clang against ceramic plates. Ghouli is hungry too. The furry thing has stubby little legs, low to the floor. It run-waddles to the fireplace. It can’t see itself (nor Ghouli) in the mirror high above, but it barks anyway. How does it sense Ghouli’s presence – the smell? Ghouli can only smile for so long before it requires a new texture to gnaw between its teeth. All appendages raise in unison to punch through the mirror. SMASH!

Dream Disease Apocalypse

There’s always talk about the end of the world, but no one really expects it to happen. It’s like your birthday or summer vacation, perpetually on the horizon. But the end of the world IS coming. I know it. I’ve seen it. It’s not the wrath of a vengeful god or retaliation from nature, our demise will come by our own hands. The end of the world is a man-made event—at least as it appears to me. And if it can be unleashed by man, then it can be stopped. I’ve told others about what I see, dark and disturbing, but they say it’s just my imagination or a terrible, vivid dream. They humor me. Why I’ve been chosen as the conduit, I don’t know. But I know there are people in the world who can help, I see them in my visions, too. I just don’t know who they are. Or if they’re real. Do they see me too?

the Resistance has landed

“Hello,” said the knockout mouse. “Welcome to our maze to amaze. We are on a hunt for extraordinary humans to join us. We know you enjoy a good challenge. Would you like to dig deeper?”
The Boy could sense the message hidden within. He was afraid, but inherently curious, and curiosity knocked out the fear.
“The Truth awaits you.” Knockout mouse continued, “Here is a backhoe. It will lead you on the road to finding us. We look forward to meeting you when you make it all the way through.”

Mississippi, Delta Waves

I dream often of snow. I love the way it covers everything in a deep powder that seems so clean and fresh, covering up the horrors of the world in a fluffy white blanket. And the eerie calm… muting the anguished cries of a blighted world, suffocating it in peace and quiet. But inevitably the snow must melt and turn to slush, and become a muddy gray that gets tracked inside and soils your mom’s new carpet. A cold, wet mess. But not in snow globes. Snow globes are a perfect little world, shrouded in perpetual bliss, where agitation brings another comforting blizzard. There is no escape from a snow globe—a hermetically sealed, perpetually flooded little environment—but why would you want to? It’s the outside world that you want to escape, with danger and deception all around. You know where you stand in a snow globe, an ideal world, in miniature form. Tranquil and soothing. Making it a surprising place for a murder.

Knives Out (Encounter II)

The second encounter was not a dream. It was as real as you or me. In the kitchen, I found the two biggest, sharpest knives, and fled. But there was no escaping Ghouli. It was like a heat-seeking missile of monster death, and it was only interested in my flesh. Somehow it crossed the boundary that protects us from our fears and inner-most thoughts, the ones that torture us in our sleep. I don’t know how it made the leap to our world, and why it was only interested in me. But IRL, I was all alone, as if the world had emptied out while I slept, and I was being stalked. I knew it immediately, before ever I saw it. It was the smell, that musky, stomach-turning stench of spoiled flesh and fermenting trash. I learned in Biology that humans have evolved to innately fear the smell of death for our own safety…

Encounter I

In my nightmare, a shadow creature with spider-like arms, razor teeth, and mucous oozing from its ferocious jaw, at least six-feet tall, smells like excrement and rotten guts. For its size, it was fast, like a cockroach fleeing light. I needed to make it until dawn, that daylight, somehow, would save me from the monster. But could I last that long?


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Möbius Strip Tease

I’d just escaped a nightmare that now I couldn’t recall, just an overwhelming sense of dread. I should have been relived to be back in the safety of my bed, surrounded by familiar things, but the fear was still there. Whatever it was that haunted me in my sleep was still with me. In my room. I could feel it in my bones. Under the bed, in the closet, behind the door… as long as I stayed absolutely still, it might think I was asleep. Slowly, I opened my eyes—just a peek—scanning the darkness. I started to think my mind was playing tricks on me, that I was overreacting, when something moved in the shadows! I covered the distance from bed to hall in two leaps. Now it knew I was awake—and that I knew it was there. I raced down the hall. Shadow figure behind me. I made it to the living room, out the front door, slamming it shut behind me—and looked around, stunned, back in the hall again, right outside my bedroom.

Here Be M_NST_RS

The Sore Points cover that song, she forgets the title, but cranks it up anyway:
On a map of the world
He stands alone
With his dreams and his demons 
hic sunt dracones
hic sunt dracones. They don’t teach Latin at her school, but thank you, internet. It means, “here be dragons”, a warning on the maps of ancient mariners for uncharted territories.

4H00. After Rust.

4:03AM. At the end of the road, over one PRIVATE PROPERTY sign and two NO TRESPASSING signs, the old derelict ship graveyard. No more land to run on at the end of the plank. Time to catch his breath.
4:06AM. There it is, the rusting ferry heap, CHIMERA. Out of commission since 1988. Walking up the barge, it was clear that someone or something was already inside.

3H00. After Dark.

3:12AM. Here he is wasting time lying in his own sweat, heart rate thumping at 180bpm. He’s not alone, his parents are just two doors down. The house is locked. They live in a safe, clean suburb. But he is afraid of what manifests. Are his parents lying awake right now too, also afraid? What went wrong with Sonny? Is this why he was given up 10 months after his birth?
3:17AM. He gets up. If his heart is racing, if he’s sweating and afraid, he wants it to be real. Not some fiction concocted in his brain as he lies in this bed.
3:23AM. Cold enough to see his breath. Everything closed. Time to outrun the night.

The magic trick that was no trick

In the 1920s, there was a traveling magician named Raja Raboid, who had a trick so startling that grown men were known to scream in horror and flee at the sight of it. You’ve probably heard of the trick, the one where a woman in a box appears to be sawed in half and is then magically put back together. It’s a cliché, now. It was a cliché then, too. Only Raja Raboid had a twist on the trick that shocked people out of their ever-loving minds.

the map Is not the territory

did you do your history homework tonight? how about all of your french verb conjugations, @Rever? where is your accent circonflexe? present, future, imperfect. je rêve, rêverai, rêvais. cette message est pour vous. n’oubliez pas le Refus Absurde. faire un rêve, @Rever! Ceci n’est pas une pipe!

Radio Surfer

When I was a five year old kid, my older brother explained to me how the radio worked. As you fiddled the tuning FM dial, these magical people would have to race between towers to make sure a consistent stream of music was playing from station to station. The static fuzz in between was the time in which the DJ surfed the radio waves to find the next song. It suddenly occurred to me that’s exactly how This Man, a living entity, is able to jump between the dreams of random, unassociated people… through The Signal.


The delivery girl, Sarah, who brings me my arthritis medication told me to visit this website. Sarah thinks she’s seeing things, a spider ghoul something or other. She lacks conviction. I don’t know. Maybe it’s all just a bad dream. Yadda yadda yadda. What nonsense is this? That’s what They want you to believe. I may be an old retired woman, but I know things. I’ve seen things. I still see Their mental conditioning in action, whether in Sarah’s monster or in my weekly grocery store flyer. Well, this is for anyone who suffers the uncertainty of this collective memory loss. Make no mistake, it is a long-standing plot to use false history to break down the psychological independence of its population by Them! I will not buy that wheat cereal and neither will you! So let’s begin at the beginning, with Castro and a poison milkshake.

Your Imploding Cells

The Boy never got sick. Not once in his life. Until he did. Until that spider. Suddenly he was the latest media sensation, the new Boy in the Bubble. Sheltered and studied to understand what decimated his immune system. Inhaling the simplest microbe or dust could start a chain reaction. The common cold would kill him.

Crawling Empty Full

The Boy was accustomed to insects. He’d grown up on a farm. Barnyard animals, bails of hay, stacks of pallets upon which countless cobwebs were spun. He was not afraid of it, but the feeling was not mutual. It was a defensive mechanism that no one seemed to be aware of – the tarantula rubbed its abdomen and released a cloud of tiny barbed hairs, embedding straight into The Boy’s right eye. He screamed like he had never screamed before. Flushing station, saline drops, useless. There was nothing his father could do to alleviate the burn. Urticulating Hairs. That’s what the doctor kept calling them. Potential damage of vision, he kept telling them. Permanent.