1. a ghost.

2. a spy.



1. frighten; unnerve


It’s believed that there are 100,000 spies from various foreign countries living in America right now. They are our neighbours, accountants, teachers and military personnel. They are gathering information on our government, our economy and our way of life. They have missions, agendas and goals. They are here to disrupt, manipulate and overtake our systems.


However duplicitous, they still live amongst us in plain sight. They have names and social security numbers. They have Twitter and Facebook accounts and monster blogs. They have families, friends and pets that they care about. They have to work to put food on the table. At the end of the day, they are living, breathing beings. Detectable. Traceable. Fearful that at any moment, their half-truths could unravel and reveal them for who they really are.


There are others who live in the shadows who do not fear detection. They are nameless scum that live outside of all systems. They belong to no country, to no government. They have positioned themselves to live outside of the normal course of life. There is no love, compassion or joy in their lives. Their day to day experiences are so far removed from anything we would consider human, they might as well be alien.


They are the insidious spooks who see all, know all, and control all. Their primary preoccupation is the end of the world. They live and breathe death and destruction. Their most recent targets were my family, my life, my identity — all of which they have ripped from me.


Who am I now? One of the hundreds of thousands of ghosts who live under assumed identities, always at a side-step from the truth? Is anonymity possible? Can I avoid detection? Will my life ever be my own again? Was it mine to begin with?


Am I their creation — another mechanism that they have constructed; a weapon that will help them to unmake this world? Perhaps I was never meant to have a life, only serve a function in their plan.


I might be the ultimate spook.










Are there others like me, self-aware, lost… pissed off? Could we out-spook the spooks?


Are you out there, or am I alone?


Alone with my simmering rage.


Those who may be reading this, who are likely watching, tracking, plotting – know this. I’m onto you. You want to push me to the brink? Think I can’t play your game too? I can live and breathe death and destruction just as well as you can. Find me. Come at me. Come and see what happens next.



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